Saturday, 14 March 2009


This is a really interesting story that i think EVERBODY and EVERY EMCEE should watch

After watching this is don't know i felt like why am i moaning about anything, im an emcee that can make music when i want, and write them on a laptop. I can allow the world to hear my voice through the internet, and talk to people about my passion for this music, so this video really lets me know that i am very fortunate as an emcee. 

This man by no real fault of his own, has lived a life rappers rap about, like this guy is a dmx verse, or like the realest verse you've heard, and i can't help but be inspired to take all my music to a point were i can stop walking by these people in the street, like the're not there. Start being more like my mother, and giving people like this guy a minute of my time. Now i have to look at these people in a different light, well maybe in the light i should have, as people. 

Id say if there is anybody in brooklyn, ny that reads this, go find this guy!!!
all some people need is a chance 


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