Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Asher Roth

Please please please enough with the eminem jokes,

 This is Asher Roth, and yes hes white 
and guess what yes hes a rapper, but heres the shocker hes not 
are favorite detroit native, and this dude might have an em tone to his voice
but he's alot different. Asher is pegged as the next big thing in hip-hop and he even blew up 
westwood not long ago. I use this term loosely but Asher Roth is what people like to call 
a myspace star, because he started and was found on the site, but this witty college kid since then, has blow up the rap, his site http://www.thedailykush.com/
which they better get me on there as a uk blogger lol, has blow up 
and check the youtube this kid has pretty much impressed the whos who of the hip-hop industry, and he is good really good check out the westwood interview, and get ready for Asher Roth

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